Antisip’s products: SIP // media // SIP+media!

Our toolkits, softphone SDKs, provide much more than just SIP, voice and video! we have integrated the latest standards for optimized NAT traversal (ICE), security (TLS and SRTP) as well as all advanced extensions and call control scenarii (supervision, call transfer, call pickup…)

Supported OS for sip sdkAll our SDKs support windows, linux, macosx as well as iphone and android!

Among features we have:

  • VP8 encoder/decoder on all platforms using libvpx
  • H264 encoder/decoder on all platforms using openh264
  • H264 hardware encoder/decoder for android
  • H264 hardware encoder using Intel Performance Libraries (IPP)
  • H264 hardware decoder using NVIDIA GPU/NVIDIA Graphic cards
  • Fast YUV to RGB conversion using libyuv or Intel Performance Libraries
  • Windows Desktop Streaming
  • Video mixing conf with 9 participants
  • file transfer based on UDP

SIP and media Toolkits

amsip SDK
amsip packageamsip is a SIP toolkit with a simple and flexible API. This products can be used to implement SIP Audio & Video User-Agent.
Using amsip, Developpers can concentrate on building your application and features: amsip will be in charge, internally and transparently, of media negotiation, audio and video device management as well as codec and RTP media.

osip2 and eXosip2 SDK
osip2 and eXosip2 packageosip2 -and its higher layer eXosip2- is one of the oldest SIP stack. The project was founded in 2000 and has been improved and maintained up to now. It's today one of the most stable, portable and interoperable stack you can find.
eXosip2 API is very flexible and will help you to benefit from the SIP capabilities.

antisip-mediastreamer2 SDK
antisip-mediastreamer2 packagemediastreamer2 has been written by Simon Morlat and is a audio & video media framework providing tools designed for VoIP. When antisip was founded, we acquired some rights to integrate the product in antisip's portfolio and we pushed a lot of effort to improve its stability, flexibility and portability. This version is now a fork of the original project since 2010.
antisip-mediastreamer2 is a graph based SDK composed of filters connected together. It's very scalable, reliable and portable. Using plugins, you can extend it to support whatever codecs you want or acheive any operations on data in general. (resizing, conversion, video mixing are -already implemented- examples!)