libosip  4.1.0
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osip_naptr Struct Reference

#include <osip.h>

Public Attributes

char domain [512]
int naptr_state
void * arg
int keep_in_cache
struct osip_srv_record sipudp_record
struct osip_srv_record siptcp_record
struct osip_srv_record siptls_record
struct osip_srv_record sipdtls_record
struct osip_srv_record sipsctp_record

Detailed Description

Structure for NAPTR record entry.

Member Data Documentation

void* osip_naptr::arg


char osip_naptr::domain[512]


int osip_naptr::keep_in_cache

keep in cache value

int osip_naptr::naptr_state

naptr state

struct osip_srv_record osip_naptr::sipdtls_record

dtls SRV result

struct osip_srv_record osip_naptr::sipsctp_record

sctp SRV result

struct osip_srv_record osip_naptr::siptcp_record

tcp SRV result

struct osip_srv_record osip_naptr::siptls_record

tls SRV result

struct osip_srv_record osip_naptr::sipudp_record

udp SRV result

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