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4.0 rating reached!

4.0 rating reached!

After 116 updates in more than 4 years on Google Play, Voip By Antisip reached 4.0 rating today! As shown in the history graph, Voip By Antisip started with a 2.5 rating. The initial versions wasn’t the best ones for sure. Remember this was the old age of Android: API dedicated to Voip were clearly missing, devices were slow, and it was just a big challenge to provide a public SIP application starting with Android 1.6 support…

Here at Antisip, we did our best to provide the best support we can to users, quickly fix any reports, stay up to date with newer technologies. After 116 updates, (2.5 update per month) we hope you appreciate our new technology integration process (OPUS, VP8, RTP/SAVPF, WEBRTC, hardware H264 encoder/decoder), our new material design interface, our accessibility efforts, our advanced configuration settings, and our fast support!

We would like now to thank you for rating us 4.0 and we hope to get time to now extend the features of Voip By Antisip!

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