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Voip By Antisip on the android marketNew release!

An Update of “Voip By Antisip” has been made. This new release uses the new VP8 codec created by On2 Technologies and acquired by google in February 2010.

For both iOS and android, VP8 provides impressive performance boost in the amsip SDK. It’s a huge step forward for video call quality in “Voip By Antisip” and any other amsip SDK based applications.

Additionnaly, on both iOS and android, libyuv has been added to also improve performance for YUV to RGB conversions as well as resizing operations.

Both libyuv and VP8 are highly optimized for arm and neon platform: both iOS and android get high benefits from those evolutions.

Thanks to those evolutions, we have decided to offer in Voip By Antisip a larger screen rendering by increasing incoming video rendering without breaking ratio! Enjoy the xoom snaphshot below:

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