Antisip - SIP Services


Our infrastructure is transparent. Our SIP servers are restricted to rooting and user management. This is the key for secured, best quality services!

Encrypted, Secured, Optimized

To achieve secure, best quality calls, you need to use state of the art application. No way you can reach the best without ICE, TURN, SRTP-DTLS, RTCP feedback...


Webrtc was designed with all nice features to achieve best quality and security. A state of art SIP Application will have them all! And you know what: they are 100% compatible!

Server side

SIP Security

SIP over TLS with SNI, WEBSOCKET over TLS.

Media Privacy

Transparent forwarding, if any. Endpoints should encrypt with DTLS-SRTP.

Free service

Service requires no bandwidth. The best comes with no extra cost.

Client side

Adaptative bandwidth

Adapt to congested network with TMMBR/TMMBN.

Video fast recovery

Adapt to lossy network with NACK, PLI.

No congestion

Endpoints establish direct connections with ICE, STUN, TURN.