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osip 4.1.0 and eXosip 4.1.0 were officially publised on January, 6th 2014.

As always, osip and eXosip are already complete and stable. The git repository is showing regular activity but no major change:

osip 4.1.0 mainly brings built-in support for Windows Phone 8 and modification of the SDP parser. You can check the ChangeLog for other minor changes.

cd osip
git diff --stat 4.0.0 4.1.0 -- src/ include/
* 27 files changed
* 340 insertions(+)
* 190 deletions(-)

eXosip 4.1.0 has more changes. You can check the ChangeLog for a complete description. Main changes are:

  • Windows Phone 8 support.
  • new options added: disable the cache, disable automatic BYE answers and TSC server (tunneling) support.
  • automatic support for PRACK and timer specification improved.
  • improve settings and usage of several eXosip_t instance in a program.

cd eXosip
git diff --stat 4.0.0 4.1.0 -- src/ include/
* 45 files changed
* 1723 insertions(+)
* 985 deletions(-)

Thanks again to all for reports and contributions!
And a Happy New year 2014!

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