antisip-mediastreamer2 package

antisip-mediastreamer2 Toolkit

mediastreamer2 has been written by Simon Morlat and is a audio & video media framework providing tools designed for VoIP. When antisip was founded, we acquired some rights to integrate the product in antisip’s portfolio and we pushed a lot of effort to improve its stability, flexibility and portability. This version is now a fork of the original project since 2010.

antisip-mediastreamer2 is a graph based SDK composed of filters connected together. It’s very scalable, reliable and portable. Using plugins, you can extend it to support whatever codecs you want or acheive any operations on data in general. (resizing, conversion, video mixing are -already implemented- examples!)

Supported Platforms
  • desktop (windows, linux, macosx)
  • android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile 6.x
antisip-mediastreamer2 is available under dual licensing: either GPL or Commercial license. If you don't know, please ask us which license is appropriate for your project.

Access documentation here
Access Linux Trial version here (ask us for non-linux trial version)
Toolkit's features:
  • Graph based audio & video management.
  • Nat traversal: STUN, ICE
  • N-Way audio conference
  • 4-Way video conference
  • text insertion, recording, resampling...
  • Not in the list? Ask us...
Toolkit was designed:
  • For any streaming RTP based apps.
  • To be very portable, stable and compliant
  • To be very extensible for expert usage
  • To mix video images
  • Iphone and Android support
Audio Codecs:
  • g711, speex, gsm, g726 -all platforms-
  • ilbc -all platforms-floating point and fixed point version for mobile
  • opus, silk, isac (fixed point and floating point)
  • g723, g729, g729d, g729e, g7291, g721, AMR, AMR-WB -desktop- with Intel Performance Libaries (IPP)
  • Not in the list? Ask us...
Video Codecs:
  • VP8 -all platforms- with libvpx
  • H264 -desktop- with Intel Performance Libaries (IPP)
  • H264 hardware decoder (NVIDIA/CUDA)
  • H264 -iOS/android- with x264 library (additionnal license required)
  • MP4V-ES - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • H263-1998/H263 - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • theora - all platforms- with libtheora
  • JPEG - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • Not in the list? Ask us...

Price List

Toolkit EditionPrice & Support Length
GPL licensefree / 0 month support
GPL license2000 Euros / 6 months support
Commercial license3000 Euros / 1 month support
Commercial license4000 Euros / 6 months support
Support Renewal2000 Euros / 6 months support