Step 1: Create an account

Create a free SIP account here:

Step 2: Install a SIP Application on Android

The best application to use SIP services at is Voip by Antisip. It’s an Android app! Click to download…

Get it on Google Play

Get the voip by antisip Android app from Google Play.

Step 3: Configure Voip by Antisip (for other see step 6)

To use the services, you have to provide your login (username), password, and the domain name for the services.


Enter the menu (navigation drawer) on the right:

Open the app menu


Click on “Settings” to enter the configuration:

Open the app menu


Click on “SIP Account” (top entry), and put “” for domain textbox, put your antisip’s username for username textbox, and your password for password textbox! Easy!

Configure your account


From this point, you should be ok for most use-case. But sometimes, your internet provider, or country, will restrict UDP/TCP usage. To hide and encrypt SIP traffic, you should also configure “TLS” and “SIP Outbound Proxy” as described below:


Click your “Android BACK” key once and you are back to the list of settings, you can then enter “Extra SIP Settings”. Start by configuring Protocol textbox with “TLS (Verify Certificates)”

Configure TLS


Also in “Extra SIP Settings”, configure SIP Outbound Proxy with “”

Configure SIP Outbound Proxy


Click “Android BACK key” twice to leave the configuration: VoIP By Antisip will now register to the SIP services. Within a very short time, you should be able to see an update in the notification bar for Android. If it indicates: “Success: 200 OK”, you’re fine!

Registration succeeded

Step 4: Testing the app

To make sure your setup is working, you can make a TEST call to “echo” server. In order to do this, you must dial the username “echo”. Go into the Keypad view, click on the textbox above keypad to open the keyboard and write “echo”.

Call echo


When you are done, click the green arrow of the keyboard to start the call! You should be connected with the echo server: if you talk, you should hear yourself back.

Talk and listen to yourself with echo server

Step 5: Call a friend!

Voip by Antisip is a VoIP to VoIP service, YOU CANNOT CALL REAL PHONE NUMBERS. Your friends also need to install a SIP application, create an account and configure it. You need to call them by using their USERNAME(LOGIN), not phone number.


So: if your friend has created an account name “john” on and has also configured the application correctly, then, you are ready to call him:


Go into the Keypad view, click on the textbox above keypad to open the keyboard and write your friend username: “john”.


Call john

Step 6: For other platforms: ios, windows

For other platforms (iphone, windows..) install the SIP Application of your choice and keep the configuration as simple as it could.

In 99% of the application, you will only need to configure:

  • domain:
  • username: your-antisip-username
  • password: your-antisip-password


If you have some trouble, like receiving a Timeout (or 408 Timeout), then, try to define those additionnal parameters which may help to bypass restrictions:

  • protocol: TLS
  • SIP Outbound proxy:


For TCP:

  • protocol: TCP
  • SIP Outbound proxy:


For UDP:

  • protocol: UDP
  • SIP Outbound proxy: