eXosip2 package

eXosip2 Toolkit

osip2 -and its higher layer eXosip2- is one of the oldest SIP stack. The project was founded in 2000 and has been improved and maintained up to now. It’s today one of the most stable, portable and interoperable stack you can find.

eXosip2 API is very flexible and will help you to benefit from the SIP capabilities.

Supported Platforms
  • desktop (windows, linux, macosx)
  • android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile 6.x
osip2 and eXosip2 are available under dual licensing: either GPL or Commercial license. If you don't know, please ask us which license is appropriate for your project.

Access documentation here
Access Linux Trial version here (ask us for non-linux trial version)
Toolkit's features:
  • protocol: SIP signalling only, (STUN aware)
  • security: TLS
  • Any SIP/non-SIP request and headers
  • Call transfer, Call pickup, Supervision...
  • Not in the list? Ask us...
Toolkit was designed:
  • For any SIP based apps.
  • To be very portable, stable and compliant
  • To be very flexible for expert usage
  • To hide complexity of deployment issue
  • Iphone and Android support

Price List

Toolkit EditionPrice & Support Length
GPL licensefree / 0 month support
GPL license2000 Euros / 6 months support
Commercial license3000 Euros / 1 month support
Commercial license4000 Euros / 6 months support
Support Renewal2000 Euros / 6 months support