Android Demo: Voip By Antisip

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"Voip By Antisip" is an android sip softphone based on amsip SDK. It demonstrates a basic telephony applications with key features: codecs, audio and video!

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iOS demo: Voip By antisip

We do have an iOS video demo available for trial. The application is basically the same compared to android and demonstrate video calls on iOS.
It's NOT available on the app store, but available as a trial version usable with xcode.

Our android and iOS demo supports the following features:

  • Configure it for any SIP server
  • Audio codecs: speex, GSM, PCMU, PCMA
  • Video codecs: VP8, H264, MP4V-ES, H263-1998
  • Hardware H264 encoder support for android (MediaCodec)
  • Registration & basic Call Control (hold/mute/speaker mode…)
  • UDP, TCP or TLS (encryption) for SIP signalling
  • Echo cancellation
  • Stun support
  • Configurable upload and download bandwidth for video stream
  • RTP dtmf

“Voip By Antisip” does not implement all features available in amsip SDK but all standard amsip SDK features are included in the iOS and Android version.

iOS and android extra features

  • H264 support
  • G729 support
  • SRTP encryption
  • Any SIP signalling
  • Instant messaging

Voip By Antisip snaphot on Xoom and Nexus S

Snaphot for Voip By Antisip