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amsip Toolkit

amsip is a SIP toolkit with a simple and flexible API. This products can be used to implement SIP Audio & Video User-Agent.

Using amsip, Developers can concentrate on building your application and features: amsip will be in charge, internally and transparently, of media negotiation, audio and video device management as well as codec and RTP media.

Supported Platforms
  • desktop (windows, linux, macosx)
  • android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile 6.x
Our customers were certified by:
  • Nortel
  • Siemens
  • Avaya
  • 3-com
Toolkit's features:
  • protocol: SIP/SDP, SIMPLE, STUN, RTP
  • security: SRTP, TLS
  • NAT traversal: ICE
  • Text conversation: t140
  • N-Way audio conference
  • 4-Way video conference
  • Hold, Mute, DTMF
  • Insert sounds inside audio conversation
  • Insert text inside video streams
  • Call transfer, Call pickup, Supervision...
  • Not in the list? Ask us...
Toolkit was designed:
  • For any voice, video, chat & presence apps
  • To be very simple to use for beginner
  • To be enough flexible for expert usage
  • To be very compliant and ease deployment
  • Optimize peer to peer media exchange (ICE)
  • Get Voice & Video basic call flows in ONE day!
  • Iphone and Android support
Audio Codecs:
  • g711, speex, gsm, g726 -all platforms-
  • ilbc -all platforms-floating point and fixed point version for mobile
  • opus, silk, isac (fixed point and floating point)
  • g723, g729, g729d, g729e, g7291, g721, AMR, AMR-WB -desktop- with Intel Performance Libaries (IPP)
  • Not in the list? Ask us...
Video Codecs:
  • VP8 -all platforms- with libvpx
  • H264 -desktop- with Intel Performance Libaries (IPP)
  • H264 hardware decoder (NVIDIA/CUDA)
  • H264 -iOS/android- with x264 library (additionnal license required)
  • MP4V-ES - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • H263-1998/H263 - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • theora - all platforms- with libtheora
  • JPEG - all platforms- with ffmpeg
  • Not in the list? Ask us...

Price List

Toolkit EditionPrice & Support Length
Voip Edition2000 Euros / 1 month support
Voip Edition4000 Euros / 6 months support
Video Edition4000 Euros / 1 month support
Video Edition5000 Euros / 6 months support
androidplease ask for quote
iOS (iphone/ipad)please ask for quote
Support Renewal4000 Euros / year support
G729/G729D/G729E/G7291/G723/AMR/AMRWBNew Price = offered!
H264New Price = offered!
all pluginsNew Price = offered // all included!


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