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Voip By Antisip on the android marketAs always, we are keeping our Voip By Antisip app on google play store in sync with our latest developments.

Current vbyantisip 2.0.8 has been released this week and it’s time to describe a few hints about new features coming from amsip 5.0.0:

* it can receive audio+video from a sip and webrtc tool such has jssip.
* audio quality has been recently improved mainly under bad network conditions with unstable jitter.
* better PLC, or playback acceleration.
* bluetooth support is now fully automatic (as expected on a phone…) on all android 3.0 and above.
* h264 hardware encoder and decoder has been added in mid-2013 and more and more devices have now been tested. Software implementation is still more reliable, but most users have now a free alternative for H264….

I’m planning to make it easier for people to automatically create an account on sip.antisip.com. That might be the next step for people without sip knowledge.

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