What is vbyantisip

vbyantisip is a very simple SIP (voip // rfc3261) voice and video application availble on Google Play that can connect to any SIP servers. (in theory!).

Download vbyantisip

vbyantisip on Google Play


  • automatic setup for low bit rate usage in 3G mode.
  • large processor support/optimization: v5, v7a and v7a with neon.
  • 3G Call possible (if allowed by your 3G operator)
  • PLC support
  • echo canceller
  • audio codec: SILK, OPUS, ILBC, ISAC, GSM, …
  • video codec: VP8, MP4V-ES, H263-1998
  • dtmf, speaker, hold
  • TLS support.
  • SRTP encryption.
  • peer to peer // direct media exchange -when possible-.

Basic usage

  • connect to a SIP server, ANY SIP server…
  • Compatible with all sip server (sip router/ser/kamailio/opensip, asterisk, ALL others!)
  • configuration should be easy: (provide sip domain, sip username and password)
  • ability to setup a different SIP identity (when username differs from login)
  • receive audio AND/OR video call
  • send audio AND/OR video call
  • compose any SIP url (click in the edit line above the dial bar)
  • history and contact integration. (not rewriting of numbers supported)
  • run in background (to wait for call)
  • use system ringer to announce call
  • use notification to inform about registration status (green or red icon)
  • use notification to inform about incoming // missed calls
  • best current codecs: SILK for audio and VP8 for video. OPUS will become soon the best choice.
  • use system ringer or vibrate
  • audio quality acheived with PLC, echo cancelation, adaptative codecs, …
  • video quality with VP8 // fast optimized implementation.
  • low bitrate codecs usable for 3G connection.

If there is anything you want to do, please ask me: amoizard@gmail.com! I always answer…

How-to configure

Usually, you will need 3 informations to connect to sip server:

  • Domain: this is the sip server FQDN or Domain name (or IP address).
  • Username: this is both your username of SIP identity and username account. (usually the same on most server)
  • Password: your password for this account.

Example: You have an account provided by “antisip.com” (me). The correct information for

  • Domain: sip.antisip.com
  • Username: user1234
  • Password: 1234

Sometimes, you may have a different account username and username in your sip identity OR your domain is not the same as the one for your identity. Your Admin are guilty, but still you can provide all the information within the configuration parameter of vbyantisip! In that case, you need to provided 4 informations:

  • Domain:
  • Username: alice
  • Password: 1234
  • SIP identity: sip:user1234@mysip-server.com

I’m not responsible for the complexity of other sip service 😉 However, if you have troubles, you can drop me a mail and I can help!

Choosing other settings:

SIP outbound proxy: DO NOT FILL THIS. There is certainly another good way…

STUN server: you can add a FQDN or IP address of an accessible stun server. It will help your phone to establish direct media communication (even through NAT) when possible to another vbyantisip phone. There is absolutly no other reasons to use a stun server as STUN protocol doesn’t solve NAT for SIP. (If you don’t agree, I do have my arguments ready for 12 years…). Some bad servers still behave wrong if you set your stun server. So if you can’t receive calls, may be you can remove that setting.

Protocol: You can choose among UDP, TCP or TLS. UDP usually exists on ALL servers and is the prefered choice for sip. TCP is prefered on a mobile device because it might be easier to detect issue on the connection. Of course, it’s much better to use TLS (with encryption!). vbyantisip is configured to NOT VERIFY THE SIP SERVER IDENTITY WITH TLS. IT WON’T VERIFY CERTIFICATE, but still it will encrypt and it may help to bypass network restrictions and bad routers… 😉

Registration period: 900 is good for vbyantisip. If you have any reason to change it… up to you.

Automatic start: check it if you want the app to start on boot so you can receive calls right after starting your phone!

Audio and Video Settings:

Echo Cancelation: enable or disable the AEC. This will remove echo for your correspondant. This is required if you use your phone with speaker phone instead of earpiece.

FPS and Image size: OUPS… Not implemented. I’m doing my best with the hardware. So you don’t have to mind about this! May be someday, i’ll use those settings…

Max Upload Rate: The maximum bandwidth you have for uploading VIDEO data. This parameter is negotiated with other SIP agent supporting the AS parameter in the video negotiation. (compared to remote download rate). This parameter is for WIFI only. I do force additionnal restriction for 3G for video quality.

Max Download Rate: The maximum bandwidth you have for downloadingVIDEO data. This parameter is negotiated with other SIP agent supporting the AS parameter in the video negotiation. (compared to remote upload rate) This parameter is for WIFI only. I do force additionnal restriction for 3G for video quality.

Audio Codecs: Unfortunatly, there is no easy way to provide a nice GUI to allow you to set up your own order for codecs… Thus, I have defined my own order for codec that you will select! Also, I do disable a few codecs (the 16kHz ones) when using 3G in order to minimize the bandwidth and to provide a better quality. SILK/16kHz is currently a very good choice for wifi quality, and SILK/8kHz for 3G quality…

Video Codecs: NOTE: H264 is NOT included in this application. For license reason (it’s not free), I can’t provide it in this public free version of vbyantisip. However, VP8 is very good and implementation is very fast. So the quality you have with VP8 is equivalent to H264. VP8, unfortunatly might not be supported by a lot of other phone applications… Also, I have implemented the version 3 of the ietf draft which means it might be incompatible with other app supporting VP8…

Ask me?

My email is amoizard@gmail.com. I’m pleased to help users to use my application and worried when people can’t acheive something doable with it. So please…. ASK me if you have any doubts! Let me know you skill level to get an constructive answer for your needs!

I know this FAQ is pretty short. But I will do my best to improve it as questions will raise up!

Please ask me before giving bad rating 😕