libosip  4.0.0
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ixt Struct Reference

#include <osip.h>

Public Attributes

struct osip_dialogdialog
struct timeval start
int interval
char * dest
int port
int sock
int counter

Detailed Description

Structure for 2XX retransmission management.

Member Data Documentation

osip_message_t* ixt::ack

ack message if needed

Referenced by osip_start_ack_retransmissions().

int ixt::counter

start at 7

Referenced by osip_retransmissions_execute().

char* ixt::dest
struct osip_dialog* ixt::dialog
int ixt::interval

delay between retransmission, in ms

osip_message_t* ixt::msg2xx

buffer to retransmit

Referenced by osip_start_200ok_retransmissions().

int ixt::port
int ixt::sock
struct timeval ixt::start

Time of first retransmission

Referenced by osip_timers_gettimeout().

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