libosip  4.0.0
libosip2 (4.0.0)
	* implement time compensation for android.
	* reduce path len // remove path in front of logs.
	* accept only SIP/D.D format message.
	* fix bug when releasing request with missing major headers.
	* fix minor memory leak // remove limitation on fifo size.
	* add system time support for macosx and ios.
	* use system independant time for osip_gettimeofday on unix platform.
	* To compile/use osip based application in multi threaded
	  env, you don't need to define -DOSIP_MT any more. Instead,
	  if you wish to disable the feature, you can compile with
	* A few other clean up were made inside osip to avoid any
	  define to appear in include files. Also to avoid conflict,
	  config.h has been renamed to osip-config.h.

libosip2 (3.6.0)
	* minor improvments. The git on savannah will bring you all details!

libosip2 (3.5.0)
	* iphone with TCP/TLS background support.
	* android support.
	* a lot of minor change/fix/improvments, sorry for not being
	  able to have an history here...

libosip2 (3.4.0)
	* remove CRLF before parsing SIP message.
	* modification to allow non-blocking socket for reliable transport.
	* fix race condition for non-atomic incrementation operation.
	* osip_list improvements.
	* osip_list prototypes and warnings fix.
	* new osip_strcasestr method.

libosip2 (3.3.0)
	* new APPLE native interface for semaphore
	* add relative time in log information on linux/windows
	* fix: unescape last uri parameters.

libosip2 (3.2.0)
	* return new error code for all API.

libosip2 (3.1.0)
	* Windows Mobile 5/6 improvments.
	* allow uncompliant/IMS authentication headers.
	* fix when a space appear as the first char in body.
	* terminate body with '\0' after parsing (don't rely on this!)

libosip2 (3.0.3)
	* initial support for rtems.

libosip2 (3.0.2)
	* initial support for ucos.
	* fix to ignore broken optionnal header when parsing.

libosip2 (3.0.1)
	* add Windows CE support with Visual Studio 2005
	  (WM5.0,PocketPC 2003/2005, Smartphone)
	* Fix memory leaks (not likely to happen).
	* Fix buffer overrun in url.
	* Modification of the Application Binary Interface (ABI)
	  to decrease number of allocations.
	  Changes: osip_message_t/osip_dialog_t/sdp_message_t/osip_fifo_t
	* save route headers in the same order (CALLER or CALLER) in dialogs.

libosip2 (2.2.3)
	* fix 64-bit (amd64) issue with hash.
	* remove SDP negotiation (much better to do it in your applications)

libosip2 (2.2.2)
	* parser speed improvements
	* replace mutex with critical section on windows for performance.
	* fix a bug in the parser for empty header (also store empty Accept header)
	* improve mime support.
	* improve sipfrag support.
	* add NULL checks (uris...).
	* patch for PSOS support.

libosip2 (2.2.1)
	* fix a potential mem leak content_type and osip_message_parse.
	* fix osip_body_clone method (add terminating NULL)
	* fix for binary support when multipart is used.
	* automatic check for reliable protocol SCTP and TLS.
	* avoid <winsock.h> inclusion so user can (and must) now include either
	  <winsock.h> or <winsock2.h> before including <osip/osip2.h>

libosip2 (2.2.0)
	* remove #ifdef OSIP_RETRANSMIT_2XX to always compile it.
	* initialize remote_contact_uri when dialog is built with notify.
	* allow very short attachements.
	* new macros allocators.
	* remove use of alloca in the parser.
	* fix memory bug when realloc is needed on large message.
	* remove useless prototypes.
	* fix memory access in parser.
	* API slightly broken to enable support for binary data.
	* improvements of the sip message test suite.

libosip2 (2.0.9)
	* fix detection of CRLFCRLF in osip_util_replace_all_lws.
	* fix expires header with comma.
	* fix a few memory leak in parser.
	* improvements for the new sdp negociator.
	* fix trace mode.

libosip2 (2.0.8)
	* Fix lookup of generic/uri parameter (use case-insensitive comparison)
	* Initial release of the new SDP negociator. (old one will be removed)
	* fix bug in parser (windows)
	* fix lookup of generic_paramter and uri_parameter.
	* fix memory leak in condition variable (windows).

libosip2 (2.0.7)
	* Fix a parser bug for uncomplete request line.
	* Update timer facility for windows.
	* Remove useless #define.

libosip2 (2.0.6)
	* Fix a memory access in authentication headers.
	* Fix possible buffer overflow in uri.
	* Two memory bug fix in the parser.
	* allow missing tag in To header of incoming request.
	* reindentation of all code.
	* improve file
	* tiny other fix (doxygen, prototypes, warnings)

libosip2 (2.0.5)
	* Fix for content-type header.
	* New optionnal timer interface. (will become the default)
	* fix the sent-by check for matching response with transaction.

libosip2 (2.0.4)
	* fix random number generation on windows.
	* fix for MingGw compiler
	* set paramter of sdp_negociation_t structure to NULL on init.

libosip2 (2.0.3)
	* new method to create dialog from NOTIFY requests.
	* fix random number generation to avoid possible guess of random numbers.
	* fix a bug for media line with number_of_port specified
	* fix compile issue with --disable-trace & --disable-debug

libosip2 (2.0.2)
	* fix to include debian directory.
	* fix a bug when response contains a code set to "0".
	* fix a bug when Mime-version is present but Content-type is undefined.
	* fix when Call-Id is missing.

libosip2 (2.0.1)
	* fix bug in osip_message_to_str() for too long messages.
	* improve robustness when parsing empty headers.
	* add optionnal retransmission of 2xx and ACK for INVITE capabilities.
	* fix bug on exit for WIN32.

libosip2 (2.0.0)
	* initial release of libosip2

libosip2 (1.99.6)
        * complete new organization of files and directories.
        * become libosip2.

libosip (1.99.4)
        * fix a bug when ACK for 3456xx can't be built.
        * complete reorganisation of includes, files and directories.
        * moving free to corresponding *_free()
        * remove the need to define HAVE_* to compile simple program with osip2
        * complete renaming of the API.

libosip (0.9.7)
	* fix a bug in hdr_wwwauthenticate.c.
	* patch for debian packaging and version management.
	* extra free removed for pSOS (smutex_destroy/ssem_destroy)
	* fix crash when osip can't build ACK for 3456xx to INVITEs.
	* Extra spaces now appear before content-length digits.

libosip (0.9.6)
	* fix transaction_init for request without mandatory headers.
	* refuse to create transactions with cseq and method that differs.
	* check minimum authorized length for method name of request.
	* fix the state when a retransmission of INVITE is received.
	* Minor changes in #define definitions just for clarity.

libosip (0.9.5)
	* fix a memory leak for retransmissions in msg_2char.
	* fix a bug when startline end with CRCRLF.

libosip (0.9.4)
	* fix win32 compilation for Debug release.
	* re-fix(?) the parsing of the Date header.
	* verify log strings are NULL terminated.
	* add syslog support.
	* continue WINCE port.

libosip (0.9.3)
	* fix a bug for quoted strings starting with an escaped char '\'.
	* initial commit for WinCE support. (uncomplete)
	* fsm/port_sema.c: (windows only) sem_trywait was never returning 0.
	* add a method to get possible destination and port for a request.

libosip (0.9.2)
	* add support for the received and rport parameters inside the osip stack.
	* sdp_negoc.c: fix the video support.
	* msg_parser.c: use realloc for main buffer of msg_parse().
	* hdr_authorization.c: improve end of header detection.
	* hdr_callinfo.c: fix a bug when realloc happen here.
	* hdr_from.c: accept empty parameter.

libosip (0.9.1)
	* fix non multi-threaded version. (fifo_size was broken)
	* Add win32 system logger feature. (compile with SYSTEM_LOGGER_ENABLED)

libosip (0.9.0)
	* a few warnings fix for win32.
	* Change *_2char methods so they use realloc. (not yet finished!)
	* Update the API and sip_t to support multiple "Authorization" headers.
	* bug fixed in sclrspace() when allocated string is of length 1.
	* bug fix ("sip:" and "sips:" should be equivalent to "SIP:" and "SIPS:")
	* remove a printf.
	* remove DEBUG() macros
	* move trace -> osip_trace   to avoid duplicate definitions

libosip (0.8.9)
	* smsg.h: fix max_forward to max_forwards.
	* osip/osip.h: you can now attach an application pointer to osip_t
	* osip/dialog.h: fix prototype for hp-ux compiler.
	* fsm/transaction.c: add transaction_free2(). A usefull method to
	  free a transaction without removing it from the osip stack. (To
	  be used when it has been already removed earlier.)

libosip (0.8.8)
	* windows: The windows contributions was wrong. Thread were killed
	  instead of joined. I changed that...
	* transaction.c/ict.c/ist.c/nict.c/nist.c: Avoid a race conditions
	  when a retransmission might be added before the initial message
	  is added in the fifo. (very unlikely to happen...)
	* urls.c: built-in support of escaped sequences in sip-uri!
	* vxworks minor patches.
	* nict.c and ict.c: fix a bug with the setting of the port.
	* fsm/dialog.c: if 1xx answer does not contain the route set, update
	  it when the 200 OK comes in.
	* parser/hdr_acceptencoding.c: msg_2char use realloc() now.
	  (Thanks to chenshx for his patch)
	* improve support of other scheme in the fsm. It is now able
          to manage transaction with non-sipurl in the To or From header!
	* urls.h: fix MACROs for adding parameters.
	* new optional algo using gperf (thanks to <>)
	  use ./configure --enable-gperf
	* new debugging tools with mpatrol: ./configure --enable-mpatrol

libosip (0.8.7)
	* reject message with 2 call-id, 2cseq, 2 from, 2 to...
	* allow generic_param can have a NULL value!.
	* ist and nist was calling the wrong callback on retransmission.
	* New checking rules compliant to the latest draft for internal
	  management of transactions.
	* "make check" is available and improve results ouput.
	* delete warnings for OpenBSD compilation. The port to pth is still
	  an issue for me.

libosip (0.8.6)
	* documentation started with Doxygen.

libosip (0.8.5)
	* Dialog fully tested and hoped to be correct.
	* osip_create_transaction: can now be used to create ICT and NICT
	* contact_param_add: fix MACRO! an argument was missing.
	* dialog.c: make it more compliant: TO BE TESTED!
	* transaction.c: MAJOR CHANGE: transaction_free() must now be called by the
	  application! This way, you can re-use data before releasing the context..
	* add a failure case when there is no '>' char when '<' is found.
	* fix compilations issue with --disable-mt.

libosip (0.8.4)
	* ist_fsm.c: start timer i while entering CONFIRMED state.
	* urls.c: bug in line 210.
	* msg_cparser.c: switch CONTACT_SHORT & CONTENT_LENGTH_SHORT in table.
	* osip_distribute_event(): obsolete!
	  this method was previously used ONLY for incoming message.
	  This was not clear! Now, you must use osip_find_transaction()
	  and osip_create_transaction() instead.
	* msg_write.c: add msg_clone()
	* smsg.h: fix MACROS

libosip (0.8.3)
	* add lock/unlock methods for searching in transactions
	* improve reliability when a NULL pointer is given to *_free methods.
	* many bugs fixes in fsm/*
	* parser/hdr_via.c: support for ipv6. Previous version are not compliant.

libosip (0.8.2)
	* ipv6 support (need more testing.)  - Thanks to tomohide.
	* support for any scheme in url. (Use with care with applications.)
	* support for sysv semaphore.

libosip (0.8.1) testing ;urgency=high
	* new finite state machines for TRANSACTION LAYER compliant with
	  the rfc2543bis-09.txt. This is a total rewrite. Those new
	  fsm should be usable either by proxies and endpoints. The
	  difference is in the UAC_UAC_core and Proxy_core. (Stateless
	  proxy don't need any state machines!)
	* some bug fixes and one memory leak in the parser.
	* test in ./example and ./example_mt are deprecated and removed.

libosip (0.8.0) testing ;urgency=high
	* new SDP parser
	* new SDP automtic negociation facility (for User Agent)

libosip (0.7.9) testing ;urgency=low
        * hdr_authorization.c/hdr_wwwauthenticate.c:
          Interoperability issue with Vovida.
        * hdr_via.c: add the via_appendtopvia(...) as required by users...
        * Windows updates makefiles (VC6++, tested on NT4).
        * gcc-3.0 updates and ANSI modifications:
        * Thanks to marko for little improvments.

libosip (0.7.8) testing ;urgency=high
        * this version is full SIP compliant with some excetions. Ask
 for current status.
        * HNY :-)
        * Thanks to contributors for patches:
           Vytautas Vysniauskas
           Rick Flott.

libosip (?.?.?) testing ;urgency=low
        * oSIP is the official name!!!