libosip 3.6.0
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oSIP mutex definitions

The OS port modules


struct  osip_mutex


struct osip_mutexosip_mutex_init (void)
void osip_mutex_destroy (struct osip_mutex *mut)
int osip_mutex_lock (struct osip_mutex *mut)
int osip_mutex_unlock (struct osip_mutex *mut)

Function Documentation

void osip_mutex_destroy ( struct osip_mutex mut)

Destroy the mutex.

mutThe mutex to destroy.

Referenced by osip_fifo_free().

struct osip_mutex* osip_mutex_init ( void  ) [read]

Allocate and Initialise a mutex.

Referenced by osip_fifo_init().

int osip_mutex_lock ( struct osip_mutex mut)
int osip_mutex_unlock ( struct osip_mutex mut)