libosip 3.6.0

How-To use the sdp negotiator (DOES NOT EXIST ANY MORE).

The GNU oSIP stack


The SDP offer/answer model is where most SIP interoperability issue comes from. The SDP specification (rfc2327.txt) is often not fully respected. As an example, most SIP applications forget to add the mandatory 's' field in the SDP packet. Another mistake is to assume that an SDP packet don't need a 'p' and a 'e' field. Even if they are both optional, at least of those is mandatory! I have never seen ONE implementation that send at least one 'p' or 'e' field!!

osip_negotiation.h VS osip_rfc3264.h

The include file osip_negotiation.h and osip_rfc3264.h are now removed from osip. You now have to do your own SDP negotiation. If you still want to use them, please copy the code in your application.