osip Struct Reference
[oSIP fsm HandlingoSIP fsm Handling]

#include <osip.h>

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Public Attributes

void * application_context
osip_list_t osip_ict_transactions
osip_list_t osip_ist_transactions
osip_list_t osip_nict_transactions
osip_list_t osip_nist_transactions
osip_list_t ixt_retransmissions
osip_message_cb_t msg_callbacks [OSIP_MESSAGE_CALLBACK_COUNT]
osip_kill_transaction_cb_t kill_callbacks [OSIP_KILL_CALLBACK_COUNT]
osip_transport_error_cb_t tp_error_callbacks [OSIP_TRANSPORT_ERROR_CALLBACK_COUNT]
int(* cb_send_message )(osip_transaction_t *, osip_message_t *, char *, int, int)

Detailed Description

Structure for osip handling.

Member Data Documentation

void* osip::application_context

User defined Pointer

osip_list_t osip::osip_ict_transactions

list of ict transactions

osip_list_t osip::osip_ist_transactions

list of ist transactions

osip_list_t osip::osip_nict_transactions

list of nict transactions

osip_list_t osip::osip_nist_transactions

list of nist transactions

osip_list_t osip::ixt_retransmissions

list of ixt elements

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