osip_fifo.h File Reference

oSIP fifo Routines More...

#include <osip2/osip_mt.h>
#include <osipparser2/osip_list.h>

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struct  osip_fifo


typedef struct osip_fifo osip_fifo_t


void osip_fifo_init (osip_fifo_t *ff)
void osip_fifo_free (osip_fifo_t *ff)
int osip_fifo_insert (osip_fifo_t *ff, void *element)
int osip_fifo_add (osip_fifo_t *ff, void *element)
int osip_fifo_size (osip_fifo_t *ff)
void * osip_fifo_get (osip_fifo_t *ff)
void * osip_fifo_tryget (osip_fifo_t *ff)

Detailed Description

oSIP fifo Routines

This is a very simple implementation of a fifo.
There is not much to say about it...

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