oRTP File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
include/ortp/event.h [code]
include/ortp/ortp.h [code]General purpose library functions
include/ortp/payloadtype.h [code]Using and creating standart and custom RTP profiles
include/ortp/port.h [code]
include/ortp/rtcp.h [code]
include/ortp/rtp.h [code]
include/ortp/rtpsession.h [code]The RtpSession api
include/ortp/rtpsignaltable.h [code]
include/ortp/sessionset.h [code]Sending and receiving multiple streams together with only one thread
include/ortp/srtp.h [code]
include/ortp/str_utils.h [code]
include/ortp/stun.h [code]
include/ortp/stun_udp.h [code]
include/ortp/telephonyevents.h [code]Receiving and sending telephone events (RFC2833)
src/jitterctl.h [code]
src/ortp-config-win32.h [code]
src/rtpsession_priv.h [code]
src/rtptimer.h [code]
src/scheduler.h [code]
src/utils.h [code]

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