mssndcard.h File Reference

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#include "mscommon.h"


typedef struct _MSSndCardManager MSSndCardManager
typedef enum _MSSndCardMixerElem MSSndCardMixerElem
typedef enum _MSSndCardCapture MSSndCardCapture
typedef struct _MSSndCardDesc MSSndCardDesc
typedef struct _MSSndCard MSSndCard


MSSndCardManagerms_snd_card_manager_get (void)
void ms_snd_card_manager_destroy (void)
MSSndCardms_snd_card_manager_get_card (MSSndCardManager *m, const char *id)
MSSndCardms_snd_card_manager_get_default_card (MSSndCardManager *m)
const MSList * ms_snd_card_manager_get_list (MSSndCardManager *m)
void ms_snd_card_manager_add_card (MSSndCardManager *m, MSSndCard *c)
void ms_snd_card_manager_register_desc (MSSndCardManager *m, MSSndCardDesc *desc)
struct _MSFilter * ms_snd_card_create_reader (MSSndCard *obj)
struct _MSFilter * ms_snd_card_create_writer (MSSndCard *obj)
MSSndCardms_snd_card_new (MSSndCardDesc *desc)
void ms_snd_card_destroy (MSSndCard *obj)
MSSndCardms_snd_card_dup (MSSndCard *card)
const char * ms_snd_card_get_driver_type (const MSSndCard *obj)
const char * ms_snd_card_get_name (const MSSndCard *obj)
const char * ms_snd_card_get_string_id (MSSndCard *obj)
unsigned int ms_snd_card_get_capabilities (const MSSndCard *obj)
void ms_snd_card_set_level (MSSndCard *obj, MSSndCardMixerElem e, int percent)
int ms_snd_card_get_level (MSSndCard *obj, MSSndCardMixerElem e)
void ms_snd_card_set_capture (MSSndCard *obj, MSSndCardCapture c)
MSSndCardms_alsa_card_new_custom (const char *pcmdev, const char *mixdev)

Detailed Description

mediastreamer2 mssndcard.h include file

This file provide the API needed to manage soundcard filters.

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