Init API - manage mediastreamer2 library.
[Mediastreamer2 API]

Init API to manage mediastreamer2 library. More...


void ms_init (void)
int ms_load_plugins (const char *directory)
void ms_exit (void)
void ms_reload_snd_card (struct _MSSndCardDesc *snd_desc)
int ms_get_payload_max_size ()

Detailed Description

Init API to manage mediastreamer2 library.

This file provide the API needed to initialize and reset the mediastreamer2 library.

Function Documentation

void ms_init ( void   ) 

Initialize the mediastreamer2 library.

This must be called once before calling any other API.

int ms_load_plugins ( const char *  directory  ) 

Load plugins from a specific directory.

directory A directory where plugins library are available.
Returns: >0 if successfull, 0 if not plugins loaded, -1 otherwise.

void ms_exit ( void   ) 

Release resource allocated in the mediastreamer2 library.

This must be called once before closing program.

void ms_reload_snd_card ( struct _MSSndCardDesc *  snd_desc  ) 

This can be called when new sound cards have been added.

Warning: It must NOT be called if one filter is currently created. You have to unlink, destroy everything before doing this.

snd_desc A MSSndCardDesc description.

int ms_get_payload_max_size (  ) 

The max payload size allowed. Filters that generate data that can be sent through RTP should make packets whose size is below ms_get_payload_max_size(). The default value is 1440 computed as the standart internet MTU minus IPv6 header, UDP header and RTP header. As IPV4 header is smaller than IPv6 header, this value works for both.

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