msticker.h File Reference

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#include "msfilter.h"
#include "mscommon.h"


typedef uint64_t(* MSTickerTimeFunc )(void *)
typedef struct _MSTicker MSTicker


MSTickerms_ticker_new (void)
int ms_ticker_attach (MSTicker *ticker, MSFilter *f)
int ms_ticker_detach (MSTicker *ticker, MSFilter *f)
void ms_ticker_destroy (MSTicker *ticker)
void ms_ticker_set_time_func (MSTicker *ticker, MSTickerTimeFunc func, void *user_data)
void ms_ticker_print_graphs (MSTicker *ticker)

Detailed Description

mediastreamer2 msticker.h include file

This file provide the API needed to create, start and stop a graph.

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