msfilter.h File Reference

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#include "mscommon.h"
#include "msqueue.h"
#include "allfilters.h"


typedef void(* MSFilterFunc )(struct _MSFilter *f)
typedef int(* MSFilterMethodFunc )(struct _MSFilter *f, void *arg)
typedef void(* MSFilterNotifyFunc )(void *userdata, unsigned int id, void *arg)
typedef struct _MSFilterMethod MSFilterMethod
typedef enum _MSFilterCategory MSFilterCategory
typedef struct _MSFilterDesc MSFilterDesc
typedef struct _MSFilter MSFilter


void ms_filter_register (MSFilterDesc *desc)
MSFilterDescms_filter_get_encoder (const char *mime)
MSFilterDescms_filter_get_decoder (const char *mime)
MSFilterms_filter_create_encoder (const char *mime)
MSFilterms_filter_create_decoder (const char *mime)
bool_t ms_filter_codec_supported (const char *mime)
MSFilterms_filter_new (MSFilterId id)
MSFilterms_filter_new_from_name (const char *name)
MSFilterms_filter_new_from_desc (MSFilterDesc *desc)
int ms_filter_link (MSFilter *f1, int pin1, MSFilter *f2, int pin2)
int ms_filter_unlink (MSFilter *f1, int pin1, MSFilter *f2, int pin2)
int ms_filter_call_method (MSFilter *f, unsigned int id, void *arg)
int ms_filter_call_method_noarg (MSFilter *f, unsigned int id)
void ms_filter_set_notify_callback (MSFilter *f, MSFilterNotifyFunc fn, void *userdata)
MSFilterId ms_filter_get_id (MSFilter *f)
void ms_filter_destroy (MSFilter *f)

Detailed Description

mediastreamer2 msfilter.h include file

This file provide the API needed to create, link, unlink, find and destroy filter.

It also provides definitions if you wish to implement your own filters.

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