libeXosip2  4.1.0
eX_call.h File Reference

eXosip call API More...

#include <osipparser2/osip_parser.h>
#include <osipparser2/sdp_message.h>
#include <time.h>


int eXosip_call_set_reference (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int id, void *reference)
void * eXosip_call_get_reference (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int cid)
int eXosip_call_build_initial_invite (struct eXosip_t *excontext, osip_message_t **invite, const char *to, const char *from, const char *route, const char *subject)
int eXosip_call_send_initial_invite (struct eXosip_t *excontext, osip_message_t *invite)
int eXosip_call_build_request (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, const char *method, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_build_ack (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t **ack)
int eXosip_call_send_ack (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t *ack)
int eXosip_call_build_refer (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, const char *refer_to, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_build_info (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_build_options (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_build_update (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_build_notify (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, int subscription_status, osip_message_t **request)
int eXosip_call_send_request (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, osip_message_t *request)
int eXosip_call_build_answer (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int tid, int status, osip_message_t **answer)
int eXosip_call_send_answer (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int tid, int status, osip_message_t *answer)
int eXosip_call_terminate (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int cid, int did)
int eXosip_call_terminate_with_reason (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int cid, int did, const char *reason)
int eXosip_call_build_prack (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int tid, osip_message_t **prack)
int eXosip_call_send_prack (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int tid, osip_message_t *prack)
int eXosip_call_get_referto (struct eXosip_t *excontext, int did, char *refer_to, size_t refer_to_len)
int eXosip_call_find_by_replaces (struct eXosip_t *excontext, char *replaces)

Detailed Description

eXosip call API

This file provide the API needed to control calls. You can use it to:

This API can be used to build the following messages: