libeXosip2  4.1.0
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oThe eXtented eXosip stackLibeXosip2 Version 4.1.0
|oHow-To initialize libeXosip2.
|oHow-To initiate, modify or terminate calls.
|\How-To send or update registrations.
oGeneral purpose API.General purpose API in libeXosip2-4.1.0
|oeXosip2 configuration API
|oeXosip2 network API
|\eXosip2 event API
\SIP messages and call control APIThe SIP messages and call control API
 oeXosip2 INVITE and Call Management
 oeXosip2 request outside of dialog
 oeXosip2 OPTIONS and UA capabilities Management
 oeXosip2 Publication Management
 oeXosip2 REFER and blind tranfer Management outside of calls
 oeXosip2 REGISTER and Registration Management
 oeXosip2 SUBSCRIBE and outgoing subscriptions
 oeXosip2 SUBSCRIBE and incoming subscriptions
 oeXosip2 authentication API
 \eXosip2 SDP helper API.