libeXosip2 3.6.0
Data Fields

eXosip_event Struct Reference

#include <eXosip.h>

Data Fields

eXosip_event_type_t type
char textinfo [256]
void * external_reference
osip_message_t * request
osip_message_t * response
osip_message_t * ack
int tid
int did
int rid
int cid
int sid
int nid
int ss_status
int ss_reason

Detailed Description

Structure for event description

Field Documentation

eXosip_event_type_t eXosip_event::type

type of the event

text description of event

external reference (for calls)

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::request

request within current transaction

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::response

last response within current transaction

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::ack

ack within current transaction

unique id for transactions (to be used for answers)

unique id for SIP dialogs

unique id for registration

unique id for SIP calls (but multiple dialogs!)

unique id for outgoing subscriptions

unique id for incoming subscriptions

current Subscription-State for subscription

current Reason status for subscription

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