libeXosip2 3.6.0

eXosip2 Publication Management

SIP messages and call control API


int eXosip_build_publish (osip_message_t **message, const char *to, const char *from, const char *route, const char *event, const char *expires, const char *ctype, const char *body)
int eXosip_publish (osip_message_t *message, const char *to)

Function Documentation

int eXosip_build_publish ( osip_message_t **  message,
const char *  to,
const char *  from,
const char *  route,
const char *  event,
const char *  expires,
const char *  ctype,
const char *  body 

build publication for a user. (PUBLISH request)

messagereturned published request.
toSIP url for callee.
fromSIP url for caller.
routeRoute used for publication.
eventSIP Event header.
expiresSIP Expires header.
ctypeContent-Type of body.
bodybody for publication.
int eXosip_publish ( osip_message_t *  message,
const char *  to 

Send an Publication Message (PUBLISH request).

messageis a ready to be sent publish message .
tothe aor of the publish request