libeXosip2 3.6.0

eX_setup.h File Reference

eXosip setup API More...

#include <eXosip2/eXosip.h>
#include <osipparser2/osip_message.h>
#include <time.h>


int eXosip_init (void)
void eXosip_quit (void)
int eXosip_execute (void)
int eXosip_set_option (int opt, const void *value)
int eXosip_lock (void)
int eXosip_unlock (void)
struct osip_naptr * eXosip_dnsutils_naptr (const char *domain, const char *protocol, const char *transport, int keep_in_cache)
int eXosip_dnsutils_dns_process (struct osip_naptr *output_record, int force)
int eXosip_dnsutils_rotate_srv (struct osip_srv_record *output_record)
int eXosip_listen_addr (int transport, const char *addr, int port, int family, int secure)
int eXosip_set_socket (int transport, int socket, int port)
void eXosip_set_user_agent (const char *user_agent)
const char * eXosip_get_version (void)
int eXosip_set_cbsip_message (CbSipCallback cbsipCallback)
void eXosip_enable_ipv6 (int ipv6_enable)
void eXosip_masquerade_contact (const char *public_address, int port)
int eXosip_find_free_port (int free_port, int transport)
int eXosip_transport_set (osip_message_t *msg, const char *transport)
int eXosip_guess_localip (int family, char *address, int size)

Detailed Description

eXosip setup API

This file provide the API needed to setup and configure the SIP endpoint.