eXosip2 Publication Management
[SIP messages and call control API]


int eXosip_build_publish (osip_message_t **message, const char *to, const char *from, const char *route, const char *event, const char *expires, const char *ctype, const char *body)
int eXosip_publish (osip_message_t *message, const char *to)

Function Documentation

int eXosip_build_publish ( osip_message_t **  message,
const char *  to,
const char *  from,
const char *  route,
const char *  event,
const char *  expires,
const char *  ctype,
const char *  body 

build publication for a user. (PUBLISH request)

message returned published request.
to SIP url for callee.
from SIP url for caller.
route Route used for publication.
event SIP Event header.
expires SIP Expires header.
ctype Content-Type of body.
body body for publication.

int eXosip_publish ( osip_message_t *  message,
const char *  to 

Send an Publication Message (PUBLISH request).

message is a ready to be sent publish message .
to the aor of the publish request

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