libamsip  5.1.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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oGeneral purpose configuration API.General purpose configuration API
|oamsip init and options interface
|\version definition interface
oCodec configuration API.Codec configuration API
|oamsip audio codec interface
|oamsip text codec interface
|oamsip udpftp codec interface
|\amsip video codec interface
oNetwork configuration API.Network configuration API
|\amsip network interface
oEvent management API.Event management API
|\amsip event interface
oRegistration API.Registration API
|\amsip register interface
oCall control and session APICall control and session API
|\amsip session interface
oSubscription control and Instant Messaging API.Subscription control and Instant Messaging API
|oamsip publication interface
|oamsip subscription interface
|\amsip incoming subscription interface
oRequest and Response (out of dialog) API.Request and Response (out of dialog) API
|\amsip request interface
\Various other API.Various other API
 oamsip filter interface
 oamsip player interface
 \amsip service interface