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Antisip SARL is a company providing SIP and Media toolkit since 2005. The base components (osip/exosip) has been started in the early days of SIP in 2000.

Contact is "Aymeric Moizard <>"

amsip toolkit

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libamsip is a SIP toolkit with a simple and flexible API. This product can be used to implement SIP Audio & Video User-Agent.

libamsip is owned by ANTISIP SARL and use many 3rd party components. Check Amsip License and 3rd-party License for more.

Contact is "Aymeric Moizard <>"

ChangeLog for version 5.1.0


osip2 and eXosip2

Commercial amsip toolkit already include a license for osip & eXosip2.

osip2 and eXosip2 has been written in 2000 by the same Author.

oRTP and mediastreamer2 (ANTISIP FORK since 2010)

Commercial amsip toolkit already include a license for oRTP/mediastreamer2-antisip.

mediastreamer2 rights have been acquired for amsip by Antisip and Antisip has been a major and active contributor to original mediastreamer2 up to Jun 2010.

Since 2010, mediastreamer2-antisip is a fork from original mediastreamer2 / linphone version. mediastreamer2-antisip is still available as GPL and commercial and ported to ios, android, windows, macosx, linux...

Antisip mainly offer different plugins. API is 95% equivalent to original version.

download at

Other third party software

osip/exosip/ortp/mediastreamer2-antisip and third party components are availble as a separate package. You can download them, compile and distribute. You will either need a commercial license or to comply with GPL terms.

download at

Here is the list of license currently used in amsip:

Amsip License and 3rd-party License