libamsip  5.1.0
Data Structures | Functions
am_options.h File Reference

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#include <amsip/am_version.h>
#include <osipparser2/osip_port.h>
#include <eXosip2/eXosip.h>
#include <amsip/am_network.h>
#include <amsip/am_event.h>
#include <mediastreamer2/mediastream.h>
#include <mediastreamer2/msvideoout.h>
#include "mediastreamer2/msvideo.h"
#include <amsip/am_codec.h>
#include <amsip/am_video_codec.h>
#include <amsip/am_text_codec.h>
#include <amsip/am_udpftp_codec.h>
#include <amsip/am_register.h>
#include <amsip/am_call.h>
#include <amsip/am_publish.h>
#include <amsip/am_message.h>
#include <amsip/am_subscribe.h>
#include <amsip/am_player.h>
#include <amsip/am_filter.h>
#include <amsip/am_service.h>

Data Structures

struct  am_srtp_info


char * am_option_get_version (void)
int am_init (const char *name, int debug_level)
int am_reset (const char *name, int debug_level)
int am_option_set_log_func (osip_trace_func_t *func, int debug_level)
int am_option_debug (const char *log_file, int debug_level)
int am_quit (void)
int am_option_set_password (const char *realm, const char *login, const char *passwd)
int am_option_delete_password (const char *realm, const char *login)
int am_option_set_password_for_username (const char *from_username, const char *realm, const char *login, const char *passwd)
int am_option_remove_password (void)
int am_option_load_plugins (const char *directory)
int am_option_geteventsocket (void)
int am_option_set_option (int opt, void *arg)
int am_option_conference_set_audio_option (int conf_id, int opt, void *arg)
int am_option_conference_set_video_option (int conf_id, int opt, void *arg)
int am_option_conference_set_screensharing_option (int conf_id, int opt, void *arg)
int am_option_conference_set_dataevents_option (int conf_id, int opt, void *arg)
int am_option_find_camera (struct am_camera *camera)
int am_option_find_video_resolution (struct am_resolution *res)
int am_option_find_out_sound_card (struct am_sndcard *sndcard)
int am_option_find_in_sound_card (struct am_sndcard *sndcard)
int am_option_select_in_sound_card (int card)
int am_option_select_out_sound_card (int card)
int am_option_select_in_custom_sound_card (MSSndCard *captcard)
int am_option_select_out_custom_sound_card (MSSndCard *playcard)
int am_option_conference_select_in_sound_card (int conf_id, int card)
int am_option_conference_select_out_sound_card (int conf_id, int card)
int am_option_conference_select_in_custom_sound_card (int conf_id, MSSndCard *captcard)
int am_option_conference_select_out_custom_sound_card (int conf_id, MSSndCard *playcard)
int am_option_select_in_and_out_custom_sound_card (int conf_id, MSSndCard *captcard, MSSndCard *playcard)
int am_option_set_volume_out_sound_card (int card, int mixer, int percent)
int am_option_get_volume_out_sound_card (int card, int mixer)
int am_option_set_volume_in_sound_card (int card, int percent)
int am_option_get_volume_in_sound_card (int card)
int am_option_set_mute_out_sound_card (int card, int mixer, int val)
int am_option_set_mute_in_sound_card (int card, int val)
int am_option_set_mic_boost (int card, int val)

Detailed Description

amsip init API

This file provide the API needed to initialize amsip. You can use it to: