libamsip  4.8.0
am_subscribe.h File Reference

amsip outgoing subscription API More...

#include <amsip/am_version.h>


int am_subscription_start (const char *identity, const char *url, const char *proxy, const char *event, const char *accept, int expires)
int am_subscription_refresh (int did, const char *event, const char *accept, int expires)
int am_subscription_build_refresh (int did, const char *event, const char *accept, int expires, osip_message_t **subscribe)
int am_subscription_send_refresh (int did, osip_message_t *subscribe)
int am_subscription_remove (int did)
int am_insubscription_answer (int tid, int did, int code)
int am_insubscription_build_answer (int tid, int code, osip_message_t **answer)
int am_insubscription_send_answer (int tid, int code, osip_message_t *answer)
int am_insubscription_build_notify (int did, int subscription_status, int subscription_reason, osip_message_t **notify)
int am_insubscription_send_request (int did, osip_message_t *request)
int am_insubscription_remove (int did)

Detailed Description

amsip outgoing subscription API

This file provide the API needed to control outgoing subscription.