libamsip  4.8.0
am_call.h File Reference

amsip session API More...

#include <amsip/am_version.h>
#include <amsip/am_filter.h>


int am_session_start_media (const char *identity, const char *url, const char *proxy, const char *outbound_proxy, enum am_media_type *media_types)
int am_session_start (const char *identity, const char *url, const char *proxy, const char *outbound_proxy)
int am_session_start_with_video (const char *identity, const char *url, const char *proxy, const char *outbound_proxy)
int am_session_hold (int did, const char *wav_file)
int am_session_off_hold (int did)
int am_session_inactive (int did)
int am_session_inactive_0_0_0_0 (int did)
int am_session_adapt_audio_bitrate (int did, int percent)
int am_session_mute (int did)
int am_session_unmute (int did)
int am_session_set_gain (int did, float out_gain, float in_gain)
int am_session_answer (int tid, int did, int code, int enable_audio)
int am_session_conference_answer (int conf_id, int tid, int did, int code, int enable_audio)
int am_session_answer_with_video (int tid, int did, int code, int enable_audio, int enable_video)
int am_session_conference_answer_with_video (int conf_id, int tid, int did, int code, int enable_audio, int enable_video)
int am_session_video_get_pin (int did)
int am_session_video_set_pin (int did, int new_pin)
int am_session_conference_detach (int cid, int did)
int am_session_conference_attach (int conf_id, int cid, int did)
int am_session_redirect (int tid, int did, int code, const char *url)
int am_session_stop (int cid, int did, int code)
int am_session_refer (int did, const char *url, const char *referred_by)
int am_session_get_referto (int did, char *refer_to, size_t refer_to_len)
int am_session_find_by_replaces (osip_message_t *request)
int am_session_answer_request (int tid, int did, int code)
int am_session_send_notify (int did, const char *sub_state, const char *content_type, const char *body, int size)
int am_session_send_request (int did, const char *method, const char *content_type, const char *body, int size)
int am_session_play_file (int did, const char *wav_file)
int am_session_playfile (int did, const char *wav_file, int repeat, MSFilterNotifyFunc cb_fileplayer_eof, void *userdata)
int am_session_record (int did, const char *recfile)
int am_session_stop_record (int did)
int am_session_send_inband_dtmf (int did, char dtmf_number)
int am_session_send_rtp_dtmf (int did, char dtmf_number)
int am_session_send_dtmf (int did, char dtmf_number)
int am_session_send_dtmf_with_duration (int did, char dtmf_number, int duration)
int am_session_get_dtmf_event (int did, struct am_dtmf_event *dtmf_event)
int am_session_get_audio_remote (int did, char *remote_info)
int am_session_get_udpftp_bandwidth (int did, struct am_bandwidth_stats *band_stats)
int am_session_get_text_bandwidth (int did, struct am_bandwidth_stats *band_stats)
int am_session_get_audio_bandwidth (int did, struct am_bandwidth_stats *band_stats)
int am_session_modify_bitrate (int did, const char *preferred_codec, int compress_more)
int am_session_reject_video (int did, int _reject_video)
int am_session_add_video (int did)
int am_session_stop_video (int did)
int am_session_send_vfu (int did)
int am_session_adapt_video_bitrate (int did, int percent)
int am_session_get_video_bandwidth (int did, struct am_bandwidth_stats *band_stats)
OrtpEvent * am_session_get_audio_rtp_events (int did)
OrtpEvent * am_session_get_video_rtp_events (int did)
int am_session_release_rtp_events (OrtpEvent *evt)
int am_session_set_audio_zrtp_sas_verified (int did)
int am_session_set_video_zrtp_sas_verified (int did)
int am_session_build_req (int did, const char *method, osip_message_t **request)
int am_session_send_req (int did, const char *method, osip_message_t *request)
int am_session_add_t140 (int did)
int am_session_get_text (int did, MST140Block *_blk)
int am_session_send_text (int did, MST140Block *_blk)
void am_free_t140block (MST140Block *_blk)
int am_session_receive_file (int cid, int did, const char *filename)
int am_session_file_info (int cid, int did, struct am_fileinfo *fileinfo)
int am_session_send_file (int cid, int did, const char *filename, const char *filename_short)
int am_session_stop_transfer (int cid, int did)
int am_session_get_udpftp (int did, MST140Block *_blk)
int am_session_send_udpftp (int did, MST140Block *_blk)

Detailed Description

amsip session API

This file provide the API needed to control session.