libamsip 4.6.0


  amsip is a SIP library for softphone (SIP -rfc3261-)
  Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Aymeric MOIZARD - <>
14/07/2011 - 4.6.0
	* sip dscp API.
	* better quality for iphone/android video.
	* ready for video on iphone.
	* fix previous subscription modification.
	* new API to reject all video negotiation.
	* minor improvments for SUBSCRIBE support.
	* fix to allow authentication for un-subscribe & TCP/TLS mode.
	* "nowindowdisplay": 2 image on windows.
	* "nowindowdisplay": 1 image with selfview inside on macosx.
	* use adaptative jitter on iphone.
	* fix srtp with '\' interop issue.
	* add TLS fragmentation support.
	* add "nowindowdisplay" replacement (#define NOWINDOW_DISPLAY)
	* fix srtp for apple/iphone.
	* improve RTCP support.
	* allow stitcher to use yuv IPP plugin.
	* update to latest IPP 7.x.
	* fix HID for x64 on windows.
	* fix videostitcher for 9th participant.
	* improve RTCP content.
	* improve usage of expires header for registration.
	* fix DNS bug with SRV record.
	* add support for x64 build on windows.
	* add callback support for volume energy on iphone.
	* fix race condition for reliable (TCP/TLS) BYE authentication.
	* fix to escape username for contact header in some NAT case.
	* fix compilation with ndk r5b on android.
	* fix packetization-mode parameter for h264 for outgoing call.
	* add support for more video size in mediastreamer2.
	* remove many warnings for vs2010 compilation.
	* escape username in contact of in-dialog request/response.
	* use mode=0/1 to control h264 SDP for "packetization-mode".
	* add NV21 support in mediastreamer2.
	* update ffmpeg (git 25/01/2011), theora and ogg.
	* add c-ares (asynchronous DNS for NAPTR/SRV record)
	* fix support for extension bit in RTP.
	* fix interop with RTP packets with timestamp=0 and seq=0
	* fix TCP/TLS re-connection for "in-progress" use case.
	* fix TCP/TLS connection failure without keep alive mode.
	* basic failover upon no answer for REGISTRATION (naptr/srv only)
	* visual studio 2010 support.

14/12/2010 - 4.5.1
	* add new video size for lifesize 656*368
	* complete multitask support for iphone.
	* add TLS support for android.
	* add automatic support for rfc5168 (INFO to request SPS/PPS).
	* add dscp support with TC api. Needs admin rights (XP/vista/w7).
	* allow stitcher, camera and h264 to be used with 1280x720 (720P)
	* fix for macosx compilation.
	* improve echo limitation.
	* update for iphone echo canceller
	* update TCP & TLS. Add multitasking support for iphone for TLS.
	* fix for JABRA GO670 on a java app.
	* fix mute HID API for bua200 & c420. (wrong code used)
	* replace application/sipfrag by message/sipfrag for NOTIFY.
	* add support for NAPTR/SRV record on iphone.
	* fix ACK retransmission upon receiving 200ok retransmission.
	* fix usage of NAPTR/SRV record for ACK.
	* enable jitter for ENABLE_NOCONF_MODE.
	* fix bug showing up after receiving a 422 for an INVITE.
	* add a msconf.c replacement without conference capabilities.
	  You need to compile amsip with #define ENABLE_NOCONF_MODE.
	* improve de-packetization support for H263. (sbit/ebit support)
	* fix for linux/macosx/iphone: loop for playing wav file by default.
	* add HID support for plantronics device: MCD100/BUA200/C420.(win32)
	* update windows mobile 6 compilation and uncomplete support for MX31.
	* add HID support for GO670 new firmware.
	* add support for private extension: P-AM-ST.
	* remove obsolete authentication header in SUBSCRIBE after a stale.
	* fix missing authentication in some rare TCP case.
	* new API for NOTIFY within calls & SUBSCRIBE refresh (flexibility)
	* fix maximum authorized delay when VAD is disabled or noisy env.
	* handle packet loss within the last 10 packet in file transfer.
	* fix when video is restarted and no images has been processed.
	* fix wrong payload number when sending dtmf in some use-case.
	* fix bug with speex/16000 and speex/32000
	* fix race condition when closing directx video grabber on windows.
	* fix SUBSCRIBE with expire 0 retries if not receiving NOTIFY.
	* fix bug for large TCP/TLS packets.
	* fix file transfer issue for 0kb file.
	* fix dead lock in previous change for UDP file transfer.
	* add more plantronics and jabra devices on macosx.
	* add support for settings DSCP in TOS on vista and above.
	* new API for DSCP in TOS for audio/video/text/udpftp RTP streams.
	* avoid sending rfc2833 when remote side don't indicate support for telephone-event.
	* fix crash in mswasapi & directsound when deactivating sound cards.
	* improve file transfer over UDP.
	* add volume control in AudioUnit for macosx.
	* add HID support for link280, link350OC, GO6470, BI2400USB jabra on macosx.
	* fix audio on macosx (switch to Audiounit)
	* remove method parameter when building non standard SIP requests.
	* replace AudioQueue with AudioUnit on macosx.
	* new password API
	* fix for hard drive serial detector.
	* add HID support for more jabra devices.
	* fix compilation without video for linux.
	* improve macosx video grabber performance.
	* use UTF8 path for loading static video images.
	* return 200 ok after a re-INVITE when no common video codec are found
	* add HID support for some plantronics and jabra devices.
	* change API for amsiptools from boolean to integer/extend API to support for control.
	* HID new architecture.
	* windows: improve HID support for CS60, CATALINA, and Jabra A330.
	* macosx: new HID support for CS60, CATALINA, and Jabra A330.
	* update all IPP plugins to IPP 6.1.
	* fix default ptime for g729 (from 10ms  to 20ms)
	* fix wasapi support for some device with same input & output names.
	* fix hardware resizing with SDL.
	* prefer YUYV to MPEG format for webcams on linux. (much faster/reduce CPU)
23/02/2010 - 4.5.0
	* change SSRC threshold parameter from 50 to 5 for audio.
	* add API to accept expired or self signed certificates with TLS.
	* add swsscale API to replace libswscale. (new IPP option based plugin available)
	* fix memory leak with video display.
	* fix wasapi driver for cards with same input & output name.
	* new APIs for video background color and FPS for webcam.
	* update to newer architecture for video module for all platforms.
	* new APIs for selfview mode, position and scale factor.
	* add/improve APIs for Allow/Allow-Events/Supported headers
	* improve display & self view quality on windows
	* improve random key generation support for SRTP, remove MKI parameter.
	* improve support for expires in 200 ok for SUBSCRIBE.
	* improve player and recorder to support UTF-8 arguments for filenames.
	* update to newer architecture for video module.
	* add delay between rfc2833 dtmf RTP packets according to duration.
	* fix TLS when remote server break connection.

04/12/2009 - 4.4.2
	* fix sleep value (extra CPU usage) issue with file transfer.
	* fix MME/DirectSound deadlock after long call time.
	* remove jitter/delay when receiving video stream with wrong timestamp.
	* interoperate with server sending empty realm.
	* new masquerading option: update contact by re-using received & rport even
	   when stun is not used. (call am_network_masquerade AFTER am_network_start).
	   static masquerading is still possible if you call am_network_masquerade BEFORE
	* improve TLS and TCP support by adding support for non-blocking socket.
	* improve TLS to use "Windows Certificate Store" for keys and certificates.
	* fix when receiving additionnal CRLF on reliable transport.
	* preserve ratio in windows video display.
	* fix when switching codec with a different sample rate on the fly.
	* fix SDP memory leak on incoming calls.
	* use unicode logs on windows mobile.
	* update to allow using libv4l2.

14/10/2009 - 4.4.1
	* fix windows mobile compilation.
	* AudioQueue/macosx: support for several device. Volume support.
	* initial JPEG/90000 video codec support.
	* fix setting echo canceller tail_length.
	* update all configure script to latest autotool (mac/linux).
	* increase buffer size for RTP socket on video&t140
	* handle new camera size/do not detect camera with no pins.
	* add sustain parameter support echo limiter/fixe initial version.
	* add support for AMR/AMR-WB
	* handle interoperability with linksys announcing g729a instead of g729.
	* fix live switching between static image & real video.
	* zero data when playing wav with msfileplayer.c (non-windows)
	* add built-in session-timer support.
	* support for the sprop-parameter-sets.
	* fix postiion of bandwidth parameter in SDP answers for video.
	* allow the first 8th calls to have audio enabled/allow video mixing for 8.
	* keep same SSRC after audio media modification.
	* dynamic update for MME/DirectSound device.
	* fix input volume control for MME & Directsound.
	* add noise-gate support on microphone/echo limiter.
	* add equalizer support on output & microphone.
	* fix wrong uri format in registration API.
	* adapt bitrate/fps values for static image in h263/h264.
	* fix h264 encoder to accept large image.
	* fix IDR/SPS/PPS delay with h264 encoder when using static image.
	* fix issue with wav size shown by windows media player.
	* fix loading large jpg image for static image. (stack overflow)
	* fix loading jpg image in format other than YUV420P.
	* fix to load default jpg when image can't be loaded.
	* add API to add contact-param in Contact header of REGISTER.
	* add HID control for CS50/CS60, A330 and GN9350 headsets.
17/06/2009 - 4.4.0
	* new API to support echo limiter.
	* new API to boost capture/playback level. (only playback implemented)
	* new API to enable AGC.
	* new API to enable NAPTR+SRV, SRV only, or none.
	* new wasapi driver for audio on vista: remove other on vista.
	* new directsound driver for audio on XP with aec effect from microsoft.
	* new dynamic update of sound cards list on vista.
	* new default jpg image compiled into exe when jpg is not loadable.
	* new relative time in log information on linux/windows.
	* new experimental "half duplex" simulation mode.
	* new masquerading option: do not use with STUN/ICE/TURN enabled.
	* new volume control using mediastreamer2 API: volume & mute controls.
	* new amsiptools library containing webcam settings
	* update ICE to latest draft-19.
	* update player to support any sample rate/any sound filter.
	* fix Contact header in request within dialog for non-UDP transport.
	* fix NAPTR support for vista platform.
	* fix bug when there are more than 10 SRV records in DNS answers.
	* fix bug when there is no common video codec in answer and offer.
	* fix: unescape last uri parameters.
	* fix: initial work on TCP fragmentation. (TODO in TLS).
	* fix to be able to start without audio support.
	* fix to avoid sending ICMP between initial INVITE and SDP negotiation.
	* fix to manage change in image size in the stitcher on the fly.
	* fix to allow adding uri parameter in REGISTER To uri.
	* remove 481 auto answer for unsolicited NOTIFY.
27/01/2008 - 4.3.3
	* remove all HTTP options
	* upgrade STUN to latest rfc.
	* try to fix video features introduced in 4.3.2/4.3.1
12/12/2008 - 4.3.2
	* fix to get video statistics.
	* re-introduce self view window.
	* reduce a little the number of charactere in SIP & SDP messages.
	* add video codec in OPTIONS's "2xx" answers.
	* decrease CPU on windows by reducing the fps to 15 on video driver.
30/11/2008 - 4.3.1
	* allow changing display window during an active video call.
	*     usefull when going to full screen mode.
27/11/2008 - 4.3.1
	* fix memory leak when using player in "play once" mode.
	* fix to avoid switching ssrc when receiving two RTP streams on same port.
01/11/2008 - 4.3.0
	* allow changing sound cards when a call is active.
	* fix when no active audio is used when closing a call.
	* windows sound & video improvments.
	* video mixing capabilities (4 participants).
	* ultra wide band support.
	* replace libresample with speex resampling.
	* fix when realm is 0 length.
	* file transfer over UDP/RTP (non standard implementation).
	* fix various sound issue when using resampling.
	* update for speex and ffmpeg (compiled with mmx).
	* mtu detection.
	* several fix for h264 support, now stable using IPP.
04/02/2007 - 4.1.1
	* add support for WM6.0
	* fix expires header in 200ok for REGISTER and PUBLISH.
	* add some interop. fixes (hold/inactive/offhold and other...)
	* fix hold behavior: stream sound (sendonly) and stop video (inactive).
	* add capability to start call with video enabled.
	* add some new YUV formats for video.
	* video is now complete on macosx.

04/02/2007 - 4.1.0
	* improve quality of sound and use of echo canceller.
	* improve & fix for player quality.
	* use directshow driver for video on windows.
	* fix DTMF timestamp & cseq value.
	* interop. fixes.
	* update version number in SDP offers.
	* fix using ICE with TCP.
	* add TLS and SRTP support.
	* add method to stop video.
04/02/2007 - 4.0.7
	* minor interoperability fix.
04/02/2007 - 4.0.6
	* update vbamsip to support 4 calls.
	* fix authentication when qop is present in 401/407
	* transparent handling of OPTIONS request outside calls.
	* add feature to maintain fake DNS entries.
	* complete REFER related APIs.
	* new sound card selection API based on capture/playback capabilities.
	* fix for TCP handling.
	* video improvments on windows/linux.
	* sound improvments on windows.
	* fix dead lock under heavy load.
15/12/2006 - 4.0.5
	* fix broken (application locked) method to receive dtmf.
	* most video capability working (H263, theora, MPV4-ES)
	* fix several player issue: now reported to work. 
	* improve echo canceller with cards that can't provide data each 20ms
	* improve interoperability when Mime-Version is omitted.
	* improve conference manager by doing VAD on incoming streams.
	* add support for resampling between narrowband and wideband.
	* add support for audio streaming in wideband.
	* add support for switching codecs on the fly.
	* allow replacement of audio drivers and RTP manager.
	* initial video support.
06/11/2006 - 4.0.4
	* improve audio scheduling on windows/wince
	* fix bugs when SDP is in 200ok/ACK
	* new player feature to play files locally on sound card.
18/10/2006 - 4.0.3
	* restart played files after call modification (INVITEs/UPDATEs)
	* add capability to load plugins from a given directory. (windows)
	* windows mobile/smartphone support with VS2005 mostly working.
	* Visual Basic test application for windows CE: vbamsipua
	* Visual Basic test application for windows: vbamsip

8/09/2006 - 4.0.2
	* add capability to load plugins from a given directory. (linux)
	* partial windows mobile/smartphone support with VS2005.
8/09/2006 - 4.0.1
	* audio quality is back to normal.
8/09/2006 - 4.0.0j
	* API should now be frozen very soon.
	* echo canceller is working.
	* hold/offhold API is renamed.
	* RTP telephone-events are working.
	* Pre-Route set does not appear any more in message out of dialog.
	* version is candidate for beta.
	* lots of other changes.
XX/08/2006 - 4.0.0h
	* fix bug when receiving SDP answer with unsupported codec as first codec.
	* add preprocessor to echo canceller.
	* add capability to enable/disable echo canceller.
	* add capability to stop recording before end of call.
	* add more flexible API for incoming/outgoing subscriptions.
	* complete API for sending/answering request within/without calls.