amsip is a SIP library for softphone (SIP -rfc3261-)
  Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006  Aymeric MOIZARD - <>

04/02/2007 - 4.1.1
	* add support for WM6.0
	* fix expires header in 200ok for REGISTER and PUBLISH.
	* add some interop. fixes (hold/inactive/offhold and other...)
	* fix hold behavior: stream sound (sendonly) and stop video (inactive).
	* add capability to start call with video enabled.
	* add some new YUV formats for video.
	* video is now complete on macosx.

04/02/2007 - 4.1.0
	* improve quality of sound and use of echo canceller.
	* improve & fix for player quality.
	* use directshow driver for video on windows.
	* fix DTMF timestamp & cseq value.
	* interop. fixes.
	* update version number in SDP offers.
	* fix using ICE with TCP.
	* add TLS and SRTP support.
	* add method to stop video.
04/02/2007 - 4.0.7
	* minor interoperability fix.
04/02/2007 - 4.0.6
	* update vbamsip to support 4 calls.
	* fix authentication when qop is present in 401/407
	* transparent handling of OPTIONS request outside calls.
	* add feature to maintain fake DNS entries.
	* complete REFER related APIs.
	* new sound card selection API based on capture/playback capabilities.
	* fix for TCP handling.
	* video improvments on windows/linux.
	* sound improvments on windows.
	* fix dead lock under heavy load.
15/12/2006 - 4.0.5
	* fix broken (application locked) method to receive dtmf.
	* most video capability working (H263, theora, MPV4-ES)
	* fix several player issue: now reported to work. 
	* improve echo canceller with cards that can't provide data each 20ms
	* improve interoperability when Mime-Version is omitted.
	* improve conference manager by doing VAD on incoming streams.
	* add support for resampling between narrowband and wideband.
	* add support for audio streaming in wideband.
	* add support for switching codecs on the fly.
	* allow replacement of audio drivers and RTP manager.
	* initial video support.
06/11/2006 - 4.0.4
	* improve audio scheduling on windows/wince
	* fix bugs when SDP is in 200ok/ACK
	* new player feature to play files locally on sound card.
18/10/2006 - 4.0.3
	* restart played files after call modification (INVITEs/UPDATEs)
	* add capability to load plugins from a given directory. (windows)
	* windows mobile/smartphone support with VS2005 mostly working.
	* Visual Basic test application for windows CE: vbamsipua
	* Visual Basic test application for windows: vbamsip

8/09/2006 - 4.0.2
	* add capability to load plugins from a given directory. (linux)
	* partial windows mobile/smartphone support with VS2005.
8/09/2006 - 4.0.1
	* audio quality is back to normal.
8/09/2006 - 4.0.0j
	* API should now be frozen very soon.
	* echo canceller is working.
	* hold/offhold API is renamed.
	* RTP telephone-events are working.
	* Pre-Route set does not appear any more in message out of dialog.
	* version is candidate for beta.
	* lots of other changes.
XX/08/2006 - 4.0.0h
	* fix bug when receiving SDP answer with unsupported codec as first codec.
	* add preprocessor to echo canceller.
	* add capability to enable/disable echo canceller.
	* add capability to stop recording before end of call.
	* add more flexible API for incoming/outgoing subscriptions.
	* complete API for sending/answering request within/without calls.

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