sdptools.h File Reference

amsip sdp API More...

#include <eXosip2/eXosip.h>
#include "am_calls.h"
#include "sdptools.h"


int sdp_complete_message (am_call_t *ca, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, osip_message_t *ack_or_183)
int sdp_complete_200ok (am_call_t *ca, osip_message_t *answer)
int _sdp_hold_call (sdp_message_t *local_sdp)
int _sdp_off_hold_call (sdp_message_t *local_sdp)
int _sdp_analyse_attribute (sdp_message_t *sdp, sdp_media_t *med)
int _sdp_analyse_attribute_setup (sdp_message_t *sdp, sdp_media_t *med, char *setup)
int _sdp_switch_to_codec (sdp_message_t *local_sdp, char *preferred_codec, int compress_more)
int _sdp_add_video (am_call_t *ca, sdp_message_t *local_sdp)

Detailed Description

amsip sdp API

This file provide the API needed to manage sdp.

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