am_network.h File Reference

amsip network API More...

#include <ortp/stun_udp.h>
#include <ortp/stun.h>
#include <mediastreamer2/ice.h>


int am_network_start (const char *transport, int port)
int am_network_start_http_tunnel (int port)
int am_network_start_automatic (const char *identity, const char *proxy, int port)
int am_network_test_registration (const char *sip_identity, const char *sip_proxy, int sip_port, struct auto_setup *autosetup)
int am_network_ping_server (const char *identity, const char *proxy, struct auto_setup *autosetup)
int am_network_connection_tests (struct stun_test *stuntest, char *stun_server, int srcport)
int am_network_add_local_candidates (struct SdpCandidate *_candidates, int srcport)
int am_network_add_stun_candidates (struct SdpCandidate *candidates, char *stun_server, int srcport)
int am_network_add_turn_candidates (struct SdpCandidate *candidates, char *turn_server, int srcport)
int am_network_add_relay_candidates (struct SdpCandidate *candidates, char *relay_server, int srcport)
char * am_network_test_nat (const char *stun_server, int port, const char *proxy)
char * am_network_get_nat_info (char *stun_server, int srcport)
int am_network_get_nat (char *stun_server, int srcport)

Detailed Description

amsip network API

This file provide the API needed to control network.

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