am_event.h File Reference

amsip event API More...

#include <osipparser2/osip_port.h>


void am_log (int level, char *chfr,...)
int am_event_get (eXosip_event_t *evt)
int am_message_get_header (osip_message_t *msg, char *header, am_header_t *value)
int am_message_get_bodyinfo (osip_message_t *msg, int attachemnt_index, am_bodyinfo_t *bodyinfo)
int am_message_release_bodyinfo (am_bodyinfo_t *bodyinfo)
int am_message_get_messageinfo (osip_message_t *msg, am_messageinfo_t *value)
int am_message_get_audio_rtpdirection (osip_message_t *msg)
void am_event_release (eXosip_event_t *evt)

Detailed Description

amsip event API

This file provide the API needed to get events from amsip.

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